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Sazon Association

The ambitious project was consolidated in March 2018, conceived and proposed by the well-known Cuban deejay residing in Switzerland “Engel”.
“Sazon” is not just a name, but a true tribute to the countries of Latin America, specifically in the Italian-speaking Switzerland, through culture, gastronomy, dance and music.
“Sazon” means seasoning, the right point of ripeness, taste, flavor, and and what is proposed with its the flagship horse of this association is the.
“SAZON LATIN FESTIVAL” which aims to be the most important Latin festival by the Swiss Confederation.
In this regard we are always open to new collaborations by writing to:
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Cristiano Perli

Vicepresidente & Contabile

Cinzia Perli

Resp. Uff. Sponsor

Angel Zapata T.

Pres & Director Art

Ricardo Cabrejos

Consulente Marketing

Anna Kotelnikova

Web Design

Sarusca Yuri

Gerente Festival

Andrea Doria

Project Management